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The 12th All Asian Tournament in Astana, Kazakhstan Republic

000001.jpgThe 12th All Asian Tournament is scheduled to be held in Astana City, Kazakhstan Republic on October 16, 2010. 

Men's Kumite in weight categories (-75kg, +75kg) will be the platform for selecting fighters from IKO Asia/ Middle East Region for participation in the upcoming The 10th Open World Tournament 2011 in Tokyo. Junior Boys (-55kg, -60kg, -65kg and +65kg) and Women (-60kg and +60kg) tournaments will also be coincided. 

IKO Director, Kancho Shokei Matsui and International Committee member, Shihan Peter Chong will oversee the tournament. IKO Technical Seminar and Black Belt Examination will follow on October 17.

~Event Information~
October 15th -- Official Check-In, IKO Judge Seminar, GRAND PARK ESIL Hotel
October 16th -- The 13th All Asian Tournament, Sports Hall "Doulet" (IKO Kumite Rules)  
October 17th -- IKO Technical Seminar (9am~12pm), Black Belt Examination (15pm~18pm)
For more information, please contact IKO Honbu:
or BC Sensei Alimzhan Moldgariyev:

APPLICATION form Men.doc
APPLICATION form Women.doc
APPLICATION form Junior Boys.doc

Arrival and Departure form.doc
The 12th All Asian Hotel reservation request form.xls
VISA Form.xls
Technical Seminar Form.doc 

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