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Japanese Fighters' Goodwill Matches Live on KYOKUSHIN ONLINE

"Japanese Fighters' Goodwill Matches"

Japanese Fighters' GOODWILL MATCHES will be held at IKO Honbu's Daikanyama Dojo on Sunday, 12/26. The purpose of this event is for Japanese fighters to test their improvement and exchange their techniques to gain experience for future championships. Each match will be held under special match rules: 2-minutes x 3 rounds.
Competitors shall be divided by four ranked divisions and weight categories.

DATE: 12/26 (Sunday) 10:00am (Japan Time)
Estimated conclusion time: 15:40pm (Japan Time)

RULES: 2 minutes x 3 rounds, per Match
* If a competitor wins 2 out of 3 matches, they win.
* If a competitor wins the first 2 matches, the match is complete.
* Judges must make a decision and are not allowed to give a draw.

Japanese Fighters' Goodwill Matches Draw: Japanese Fighters Goodwill Match Draw.pdf

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