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2019 IFT Event Guide

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It is our pleasure to inform you IKO Honbu will be hosting 2019 International Karate Friendships (KATA, Kumite, Semi-Contact Kumite for Juniors, Seniors and Women as well as for the Men's 36th All Japan Weight Category Karate Championships at Musashinomori Sports Plaza (MSP) on April 20~21, 2019. 

2019 IFT April Event Guide.pdf


2019 IFT Kata Rules.pdf

2019 IFT Kumite (Full-contact) Rules & Geras.pdf   
(There will No Team Kata this time)

*The "Base Station"
to Musashinomori Sports Plaza (MSP) is Shinjyuku Station. The nearest train station to MSP is Tobitakyu Station operated by KEIO Rail way. (appr.20~40min from Shinjyuku). Access:

Your support and cooperation are always our strength. 

Good luck and see you all soon.

IKO Honbu

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