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Ueda Mikio 100 MAN KUMITE

Current World Champion Sensei Mikio Ueda challenged the 100 MAN KUMITE on April 25, 2021, at Kyokushinkaikan Honbu Daikanyama Dojo, Tokyo, Japan. This was the third time a current World Champion had challenged the 100 MAN KUMITE, following Tariel Nikoleishvili (Russia) in 2014 and Zahari Damyanov (Bulgaria) in 2016. This year's event attracted further attention since Ueda is a current Champion and active young fighter who has pledged to defend his Title at the 13th World Open Karate Championship in 2023.

Forty select opponents, with excellent competitive records at World Open and All Japan Championship events, were chosen to rotate opposite Ueda. The event was held with maximum safety measures due to the pandemic, including the participants wearing masks at all times, except during their match turn. At 11am, Kancho Shokei Matsui made the opening remarks, "Today, the match-time will be returned to the original 2-minutes per round, as originated by Sosai Masutatsu Oyama. Even though we will record the number of wins and losses, this is not a competition. Please try to exchange good techniques, and make a meaningful 100 MAN KUMITE". The first match began at 11:10am JST with the first opponent, Sensei Shohei Kamada. Sensei Ueda started well, scoring Awase Ippon against his 2nd opponent, and continuing with accumulated wins by decision, Wazaari, and Ippon with Jodan Mawashi-Geri, Chudan-Mae-Geri, Uchimawashi-Geri and Hiza-Geri. Kancho Matsui gave Ueda a 10-minute break to change his Dogi after the 40th match. After the break, Ueda visibly slowed down and started to sustain damage from his opponents. He took his first loss at the 44th match. Kancho Matsui advised Ueda, "Do not carelessly take blows from your opponents. You must block and retaliate (Uke Kaeshi), even if your response is a light blow. Don't always aim for Wazaari and Ippon". Kancho Matsui took time also, to admonish the opponents, "When you punch, punch properly in a meaningful way. It is worthless if you attack gently to help with the completion of this challenge. You shouldn't fight to win, as if you are in a tournament, but you should fight hard, so as not to lessen the value of the 100 MAN KUMITE." Ueda sustained Gedan-Mawashi-Geri Wazaari losses from his 52nd and 59th opponents. Then at the 60th match, Ueda lost by Awase Ippon Gedan-Mawashi-Geri from Kaito Nishimura. At this point, Kancho Matsui gave Ueda a second rest. During the rest, physicians evaluated Ueda's condition. He had sustained extreme damage on his body, and in particular, was suffering from dizziness, and a reduction in vision. Even though Ueda wished to continue the challenge, the decision was made by the medical team to stop the match.

At the conclusion, Kancho Matsui provided an overview, "It has been a year and 6 months since the 12th World Open Championship, and in the same time period, the beginning of the Coronavirus. Due to safety precautions in place during the pandemic, I believe Ueda could not spar enough to maintain the sharpness of his Kumite skill. Though his tournament fight skills were evident at the beginning, it was apparent through the course of this challenge, that he lacked the endurance needed to fight multiple opponents. It is unfortunate he could not conclude the 100 MAN KUMITE, but the value of his challenge is not diminished by failing, and this outcome does not mean he is inferior. This is a huge opportunity for growth, if he can objectively realize his strengths and weaknesses in the days to come. Our organization as a whole, and I personally, will continue to have great expectations for Ueda's future."
The 100 MAN KUMITE was live streamed globally for the first time. It was an unfortunate result for Sensei Ueda, but it highlighted the harsh reality and heroic endeavor that is the ultimate test of the human spirit, the "100 MAN KUMITE."










■ Ueda Mikio 100 MAN KUMITE official record
Date: April 25th, 2021
Place: Kyokushinkaikan Daikanyama Dojo
Fight Time: 2 minutes per person
Kumite Start Time: 11:10 am (JST)
Ippon: 2
Awase Ippon: 12
Win by Wazaari: 9
Win by decision: 10
Draw: 17
Lost: 10

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