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Ueda Mikio 100 MAN KUMITE opponents

In respect of pandemic protocols and capacity restrictions, 40 select opponents have been chosen to rotate opposite Ueda, all with excellent competitive records at All Japan Championship, and several of Japan's most renowned fighters. As a safety measure, only pre-screened opponents and staff will have access to the Dojo, where the Kyokushinkaikan will livestream the 100 MAN KUMITE globally for the first time in history. 

We welcome you to subscribe to "KYOKUSHIN PRIME" and look forward to joining us in witnessing Ueda's once-in-a-lifetime challenge, as he exemplifies the best of all of us in Kyokushin Karate. 

Ueda Mikio 100 MAN KUMITE 
Date: April 25th, 2021 
Time: 11am (Japan Time) 
Place: Kyokushinkaikan Daikanyama Dojo 
Fight Time: 2 minutes per person 


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