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The 10th World Open Karate Tournament


Japan Red Cross 
Charity for the Eastern Japan Earthquake  
The 10TH World Open Karate Tournament

Presented by 
International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan,  President/Kancho Shokei Matsui

November 4th (Fri.) 
November 5th (Sat.)
November 6th (Sun.)
*November 6th - Special dance performance will be performed by Kabuki actor, Shido Nakamura.

Coincided Events
November 3rd (Thu)      International Karate Friendship Tournaments (Admission Free)  
November 4th (Fri)       2011 Women's World Open Tournament

2011 Friendships Categries.pdf, Youth 5-11.pdf Youth 12-14.pdf, Youth 15-17(Elite).pdf
Senior.pdf, prictlist.pdf prictlist2.pdf


Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium; Tokyo Taiikukan (1-17-1 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Event Summary 
"The number one in karate will be determined" I.K.O. Kyokushinkaikan proudly presents the most prestigious karate competition held every once-in-four-years. The three-day tournament will be competed amongst the top 192 fighters selected from various regions around the world..        

Tournament Rules
I.K.O. Full contact rules without protection (No strikes to face and head) 

Notable Fighters  
Ewerton Teixeira (Brazil, 2007  9th World Open 1st)   
Tariel Nikoleishvili (Russia, 2010  42nd All Japan Open 1st) 
Lechi Kurbanov (Russia, The 2010  42nd All Japan Open 7th)
Darmen Sadovokasov (Russia, 2007  9th World Open 4th) 
Andrey Stepin (Russia, 2007  9th World Open 5th) 
Alejandro Navarro (Spain,  
2007  9th World Open 6th) 
Eduardo Tanaka (Brazil, 2007  9th World Open 7th)
Mikhail Kozlov (Russia, 2009  4th World Weight Category 1st)  
Zahari Damyanov (Bulgaria, 2011 All American Open 1st)  
Gorderzi Kapanadze (Russia, 2011 Al American Open 2nd) 

Tatsuya Murata (Japan, 2007  9th World Open 7th) 
Kentaro Tanaka (Japan, 2009  41st All Japan Open 1st)
Makoto Taniguchi (Japan, 2008  40th All Japan Open 1st)
Zenjyuro Mori (Japan, 2010  42nd All Japan Open 2nd) 
Makoto Akaishi (Japan, 2009  41st All Japan Open 3rd)

  The 10TH World Open Karate Tournament:Tournament Draw
  2011 Women's World Open Karate Championship:Tournament Draw

3-day ticket
RS   35,000JPY =SOLD OUT!
Special AA  18,000JPY (2day-ticket Nov. 5&6, Reserved seat in 2nd floor center area 
w/official tournament pamphlet
*Special AA - limited 200 seats, Presale only  

SS  Presale 7,000JPY (8,000JPY /1st Floor reserved)
S   Presale 6,000 (7,000JPY/1st Floor reserved)
A   Presale 3,000 (4,000JPY/2nd Floor non-reserved)

Day 2 - Nov 5th (Sat) 
SS  Presale 9,000JPY (10,000JPY/1st Floor Reserved)
S   Presale 7,000JPY (8,000JPY/1st Reserved)
A   Presale 5,000JPY (6,000JPY/2nd Floor non-reserved)
B   Presale 4,000JPY (5,000JPY/3rd Floor non-reserved)

Day 3 - Nov 6th (Sun)
S    Presale 11,000JPY (12,000JPY/1st Floor Reserved)
A    Presale 8,000JPY (9,000JPY/2nd Floor non-reserved)
B    Presale 4,000JPY (5,000JPY/3rd Floor non-reserved)

To order ticket click here (PDF)

※Ticket available via
Ticket Pia/0570-02-9999(P code:819-392)
Lawson Ticket/0570-084-003(L code:32867)

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