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Canadian Winter Camp


The annual Canadian Winter Camp was held from February 23rd to 26th in the North Okanagan area of Western Canada. Organized by Canadian Branch Chief, Shihan Stuart Corrigal and supported by Central Canada Branch Chief Sensei Darren Lenkorn & Sensei Bernard Banaszczyk, and all senior members of the West Canada Branch. 92 participants enjoyed training with IKO Kata Committee member, Shihan Shin Ito, in attendance In addition to Kihon and Ido training, Shihan Ito covered all the current katas that are available to study on "Kyokushin Online". The camp featured Kihon, Ido Geiko, Goshin Jitsu, Kumite drills and Kata Bunkai. Dan candidates completed tameshiwari and written exam required as part of their grading.



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