News Release

2022 Event information

After careful consideration of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, IKO Honbu has decided to postpone the INTERNATIONAL KARATE FRIENDSHIP, previously scheduled for April 2022, to November 19-20 2022. We will continue to monitor the situation as it develops, and keep all international members informed, so they may plan accordingly.

IKO Honbu will move ahead to hold the domestic Japanese national Championships, the 53rd All Japan Open and All Japan Women's Open, during the KYOKUSHIN SAI (Japan Domestic Kyokushin Festival) on April 16-17, 2022, at Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium.
Additionally IKO Honbu will hold the 54th All Japan Open and All Japan Women's Open on November 19-20, 2022, during the INTERNATIONAL KARATE FRIENDSHIP.

Please refer to the Kyokushinkaikan Event Calendar for all IKO Honbu and regional events.


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