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Canada Winter Camp


The annual Canadian Winter Camp was held February 7, 8, 9, 2020. Ninety participants joined the three days of Kyokushin Karate training in the North Okanagan Valley in the western part of Canada.
This year IKO Honbu Instructor, Shihan Joji Hibino, joined the camp to assist Branch Chief, Stuart Corrigal, with the introduction of the new adjustments to the IKO Katas, Pinan 1 ~ 5, Tsuki No Kata, Geksai Sho, Yantsu, Saifa. Additionaly, Happo No Kuzushi/Kawashi, the 8 directions of off balancing & re-directing, were practiced.
Morning kihon training began outside at 6 AM on the snow-covered field, followed by kata sessions in the large gymnasium. One Tameshiwari session was held for black belt candidates as part of the 2020 dan test.
A lot of information was presented at camp this year, but everyone came away with a renewed sense of knowledge and Kyokushin spirit.







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