News Release

The Budo Seminar & Demonstration in Moscow


The Budo Seminar & Demonstration was held on July 13 & 14 at Gorky Central Park, Moscow, Russia, organized by Japanese Consulate General. Kyokushinkaikan was invited to represent Karate division. Shihan Taichiro Sugimura from Honbu conducted the seminar along with IKO Russian Branch Chief Shihan Vitor Belov and his students. Shihan Sugimura performed Sanchin Kata, broke 4 baseball bats with his low kick as well as demonstrated Kata and Bunkai. Along with Kyokushinkaikan, Judo and Iaido were the other participating martial arts from Japan. The 2-day event which had more than ten thousand spectators was a great opportunity to introduce Kyokushin Karate to people in Moscow and show the great skills of Kyokushin Karate in Moscow.





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