News Release

November 2019 IFT Kumite pre-registration

To: All Concerned IKO members and supporters 

The 12th World Open Karate Championship will be held in Tokyo, Japan, November 22 to 24, 2019. The World Junior and World Senior Tournaments will be held on the first day, November 22.

In order to decide the divisions/categories for Juniors Kumite (6yrs and up) & Seniors Kumite, IKO Honbu will open the preliminary application period: April 27~ May 4.

All interested competitors within these categories must
pre-register to be considered for entry.

Please note the following...

1. Junior categories are determined by the age as of April 1, 2019
2. Senior categories are determined by the age as of November 22, 2019
3. Senior Kumite must be green belt and up
4. There are NO Kata or Team Kata this time.

Once we close the preliminary application period, we will determine categories/divisions, and we will notify you whether your competitors are accepted or not.
*No need to paste IFT competitors's photo.

IKO Honbu will try to give all our members the opportunity to compete, and witness the World Open in Tokyo. 

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