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Official results of the 2018 International Karate Friendship Day 2

Main.jpg from left: Light Weight/ N.Sato, Middle Weight/ K.Zasorina, Heavy Weight/ A.Khripunova

Official results of the 2018 International Karate Friendship Day 2 that was held at the Tokyo Gymnasium on April 21st & 22nd, 2018.

2018 Women's World Weight Category Karate Championships Results
■Light Weight -55kg
1st Place/Nanami Sato (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Rin Sato (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Satomi Shimada (JAPAN)
4th Place/Aika Motomura (JAPAN)

■Middle Weight -65kg
1st Place/Kseniia Zasorina (RUSSIA)
2nd Place/Irina Kriazheva (RUSSIA)
3rd Place/Elizaveta Melnikova (RUSSIA)
4th Place/Maria Jasko (POLAND)

■Heavy Weight +65kg
1st Place/Anastasiia Khripunova (RUSSIA)
2nd Place/Uliana Grebenschikova (RUSSIA)
3rd Place/Anastasiia Khasanova (RUSSIA)
4th Place/Anna Kopyrina (RUSSIA)

2018 International Youth Karate Championships Results
■Boys and Girls 5yr.
1st Place/Ekaterina Kudriavtseva (RUSSIA)
2nd Place/Masato Tachi (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Rion Numanoi (JAPAN)
    Hayato Kanesaka (JAPAN)
■Boys 6yr.
1st Place/Shinki Ishikawa (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Kailun Ma (CHINA)
3rd Place/Tsuyoshi Mita (JAPAN)
    Akhmad kurbanov (RUSSIA)
■Boys 7yr.
1st Place/Tessin Hattori (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Yuki Baba (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Naoya Saotome (JAPAN)
    Otoya Hashioka (JAPAN)
■Boys 8yr.
1st Place/Vsevolod Pichugin (RUSSIA)
2nd Place/Manawa Yamada (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Shiryu Tanguchi (JAPAN)
    Masaichi Hino (JAPAN)
■Boys 9yr.
1st Place/Kenshin Saito (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Dmitrii Stepin (RUSSIA)
3rd Place/Haruki Hashimura (JAPAN)
    David Chikovani (RUSSIA)
■Boys 10yr. -35kg
1st Place/Ryo Murakami (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Akihisa Itou (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Hijiri Tanaka (JAPAN)
    Yuto Horie (JAPAN)
■Boys 10yr. +35kg
1st Place/Shingo Nin (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Sora Komatsu (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Shohei Iwaya (JAPAN)
    Ryuga Ogura (JAPAN)
■Boys 11yr. -40kg
1st Place/Ryusho Kawaminami (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Bogdan Sudarushkin (RUSSIA)
3rd Place/Kenshin Hato (JAPAN)
    Kouta Sorimachi (JAPAN)
■Boys 11yr. +40kg
1st Place/Takafumi Kido (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Manato Sumida (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Taka Ogata (JAPAN)
    Rikutaro Komai (JAPAN)
■Girls 6yr.
1st Place/Aimi Shibasaki (JAPAN)
■Girls 7yr.
1st Place/Yui Dogome (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Airu Sato (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Kanna Hayashi (JAPAN)
    Qiaoyi Mu (CHINA)
■Girls 8yr.
1st Place/Yuna Saito (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Meria Kusuda (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Neneka Niina (JAPAN)
    Yukino Morooka (JAPAN)
■Girls 9yr.
1st Place/Shiori Onodera (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Ryona Ishida (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Ruina Adachi (JAPAN)
    Otoha Nishi (JAPAN)
■Girls 10yr. -35kg
1st Place/Ruka Ozaki (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Ayano Inou (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Yukino Inou (JAPAN)
    Yako Ohta (JAPAN)
■Girls 10yr. +35kg
1st Place/Jyuna Kouda (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Anri Tanaka (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Kokoro okabe (JAPAN)
    Sora Ono (JAPAN)
■Girls 11yr. -40kg
1st Place/Wakana Tsukagoshi (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Nene Naitou (JAPAN)
3rd Place/You Sato (JAPAN)
    Nonoka Okabe (JAPAN)
■Girls 11yr. +40kg
1st Place/Satsuki Okada (JAPAN)
2nd Place/Soraka Matsumura (JAPAN)
3rd Place/Harua Sogabe (JAPAN)
    Chika Hiraishi (JAPAN)







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