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On-line Registration Starts for All Japan Semi-Contact & Kata Competitions 2018 in Osaka

IKO Honbu welcomes our members to take part in our "New IKO Semi-contact Kumite & Kata competitions" starting this year. On-line registration for Competitions & VISA will start from 13~23 March.

<<General Information>>

Date: 2~3 June, 2018 
Place: Osaka Furitsu Taiikukan in Osaka
Fee: 11,000JPY or 110USD (same price for Kata and Kumite, to enter both categories 22,000JPY or 220USD)
Medical OK: Doctor's OK is Required within 3-months for all competitors.   

2018 Osaka Categories.pdf

2018 Osaka Kata.pdf

2018 Osaka Protective Gears.pdf

IKO BC/DOP who don't retain PASSWORD, please send e-mail to Honbu today.

There will be No Camp/Dan test coincided with this event.

IKO Honbu

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