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Czech IKO Summer Camp 2017


The Czech IKO summer camp was held between June 21st thur 25th 2017 in the Czech mountains with 49 members from Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland and Slovakia participating. IKO Czech Republic Branch chief Sensei Jan Soukup organized the camp and Shihan Hitoshi Kiyama was the guest instructor from Honbu. Shihan Kiyama led most of the 3 training sessions each day. Trainings were a variation of basic techniques, Kata, fitness and strength, and sparring with Shihan Kiyama focusing on basic techniques with precise and detailed explanations as well as covering the new rules. Kata was also a big part of the camp and Shihan went through the details of the Bunkai. The camp had a grading test and finished with a Sayonara Party.
Shihan Kiyama also made a short visit to Prague and trained with the children before the camp.






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