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The 11th World Open Karate Championship Report

  The 11th World Open Karate Championship was held from November 20th thru 22nd at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. Zahari Damyanov from Bulgaria won for the first time in his third attempt where 192 fighters from around the world challenged for the open weight crown.
The 1st round was fought on day 1, the 2nd and 3rd round on day2. 32 fighters advanced to the 4th round on day 3 (Russia 18, Japan 9, Bulgaria 1, France 1, USA 1, New Zealand 1, Ukraine 1). Oleksandr Ieromenko from Ukraine who was one of the favorites to win the championship exited in the 3rd round.
There were high hopes for Japan to reclaim the crown and last years All Japan Open tournament runners-up Shoki Arata and 6th place Mikio Ueda advanced to the top 8 but both lost in the quarter final.4 fighters from Russia advanced to the top 8 but all lost in the semi-final. The final was an all- European final with Zahari Damyanov from Bulgaria winning by decision against Djema Belkhodja from France.
There were a big hand of applause and cheers to runners-up Djema Belkhodja and the French fighters who suffered a disastrous terrorist attack in their homeland throughout the championship.
On day 3 there was a Japanese calligraphy performance by Chirographer Taizan Yanagida and the letters "極真(Kyokushin)"was written at the opening ceremony. Also at the opening ceremony JKF (Japan Karatedo Federation) President Takashi Sasagawa who was attending the event as a guest gave a speech and the top fighters from the JKF performed a Kumite and Kata demonstration.

▼Block A - Quarter Final
○Kirill Kochnev (RUSSIA)
   Win by Weight Decision
×Shoki Arata(JAPAN)

Block B - Quarter Final
○Djema Belkhodja (FRANCE)
   Win by Ippon
×Mikio Ueda (JAPAN)

Block C - Quarter Final
○Zahari Damyanov (BULGARIA)
   Win by decision
×Ivan Mezentsev (RUSSIA)

Block D - Quarter Final
○Darmen Sadvokasov (RUSSIA)
   Win by decision
×Ashot Zarinyan (RUSSIA)

▼Semi Final
Djema Belkhodja (FRANCE)
   Win by decision
×Kirill Kochnev (RUSSIA)

Semi Final
Zahari Damyanov (BULGARIA)
   Win by Ippon
×Darmen Sadvokasov (RUSSIA)

▼3rd Place Fight Off
Darmen Sadvokasov (RUSSIA)
   Win by decision
×Kirill Kochnev (RUSSIA)

Zahari Damyanov (BULGARIA)
   Win by decision
×Djema Belkhodja (FRANCE)

Japanese calligraphy performance by Chirographer Taizan Yanagida

Speech by JKF President Takashi Sasagawa

Demonstration by JKF fighters

from left 2nd place Djema Belkhodja/1st place Zahari Damyanov/3rd place Darmen Sadvokasov

The 11th World Open Karate Championship Official Results

2015 November 20~22/Tokyo Gymnasium

1st PlaceZahari DamyanovBulgaria

2nd PlaceDjema BelkhodjaFrance

3rd PlaceDarmen SadvokasovRussia

4th PlaceKirill KochnevRussia

5th PlaceAshot ZarinyanRussia

6th PlaceMikio UedaJapan

7th PlaceIvan MezentsevRussia

8th PlaceShoki ArataJapan

Best Spirits AwardAshot ZarinyanRussia

Best Technique AwardYuta TakahashiJapan

Best Tameshiwari AwardDavid SarkhoshyanRussia25 Board

Young Lion AwardKenta NanbaraJapan

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