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Current World Champion, Tariel Nikoleishvili completes the 100 Man Kumite


On April 26th, 2014 at IKO Honbu Ebisu Dojo, Tariel Nikoleishvili challenged Kyokushin's ultimate test of the human spirit, the 100 Man Kumite.

The duration for each match was 90 seconds, and Tariel faced 100 fresh opponents, black belts from all over the world. The 100 Man Kumite was held this year in particular to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the IKO Kyokushinkaikan and to honor Sosai Oyama on the 20th Memorial Day of his passing. Only 8 Kyokushin Karateka have ever accomplished this challenge, the toughest in IKO's 50year history.

After Kancho Matsui's opening remarks of encouragement to all participants, Nikoleishvili started his first match at 1:10pm opposite Makoto Akaishi. Nikoleishvili used Ahikake-Gendan-Zuki often to score many wazaari in the early matches. After the match #50, he seemed to lose stamina and began slowing down and lost his first match at #57. His toughest moment came in the matches 60 to 80 as he faced many of the Best 8 fighters from the recent All Japan Open Tournaments. Nikoleishvili sustained those toughest matches to finally face his 100th opponent, Kyohei Ajima, the current All Japan Open Karate Champion. While all participants and spectators cheered Nikoleishvili on, he used his last remaining power and energy to throw strong punches and jumping drop kicks, ending the Final match with a sharp Jodan-Mawashigeri.

Nikoleishvili completed the 100 Man Kumite at 4:31pm to become the 9th person to accomplish this incredible feat. In total it took 3 hours and 21 min to complete, and the following is the official count:

Win by Ippon or Awase-Ippon: 21
Win by Wazaari: 30
Win by decision: 13
Draw: 27
Lost by decision: 9

Nikoleishvili, who is just 23 years old from Russia, commented "Kyokushin Karate is everything for me. I dedicated my entire life to challenge today." Though overall he appeared physically sound, he went to the hospital immediately after completion for a check-up, and is well. 

Kancho Matsui commented, " Nikoleishvili's kumite style is very straightforward and is not the ideal style in which to face many different opponents. However, he fought very well on the whole. He had a tough time physically and mentally after around the 60th match, but he preserved his power very well and finished strong. I believe Sosai Oyama was watching him, and cheered him on."

Not only Japanese Branch Chiefs and students were present at this rare event, but also many international members were able to witness this inimitable Kyokushin challenge. Everyone was moved by Nikoleishvili's accomplishment, and at the closing, many shed tears in recognition for this momentous Kyokushin example of bravery and spirit.










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