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83 Year old "Super Granny" tests for 4th Dan

14.JPGOn October 2012 a Dan Grading Test took place in Chile under the supervision of Shihan Seiji Isobe. The participant was 83 year old Liliane Pierron. Born in Paris France, she first experienced Kyokushin at the age of 47 and never stopped ever since. She has a son, five grandchildren and a grand-grandchildren who just turned 3 months. She got her first black belt in 1981 at the age of 52 and in 1995 opened her own dojo. In 1995 she got her 2nd Dan at the age of 65 and the 3rd Dan followed in 2007 at 77 years of age. After taking her 3rd Dan she started getting the attention of the media and started appearing on TV, newspapers, magazines and radio as the "Super Granny". At 83, Super Granny still teaches twice a day from Monday to Saturday and lifts weight training her legs, arms and abs. She had a cool face after finishing 50 jump squats and 100 sit-ups at the grading test. The test started with Kihon then Ido, Kata, Kumite and Hokyo. In Ido she did 7 to 9 combination moves. After the test she said "I want to continue to dedicate my life to Kyokushin as long as I live and contribute to the development of youth". Shihan Isobe has nothing but admiration for the 83 year old and promised to devote his own future to Kyokushin as well and look up to her as his Sensei.














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