News Release

Newly appointed IKO Branch Chief and Official Dojo Operator

It is our pleasure to welcome three newly appointed IKO Branch Chiefs and one Official Dojo Operator. BC Vangelis Biskos of Belgium, BC Aleksander Ilyasov of Russia, BC Herbert Ishida of USA and DOP Miroslav Fresl from Croatia were all appointed by Kancho Shokei Matsui.

belgium_v-biskos.jpegVangelis Biskos
Date Appointed: March 22, 2012

russia_a-ilyasov.jpgAleksander Ilyasov
Date Appointed: April 15, 2012

hawaii_h-ishida.jpgHerbert Ishida
Date Appointed: May 8, 2012

croatia_m_fresl.jpgMiroslav Fresl (Official Dojo Operator)
Date Appointed: May 2, 2012

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