News Release

April 14, 2012(sat) Enter the GENKOTSU Competition and win a Bicycle!


The "GENKOTSU Competition" will be held on April 14(sat) at the 2012

International Karate Friendship

in Tokyo Gymnasium. Everybody inside the arena is welcome to take part.

There will be a preliminary round, semi-final, final and a 3rd place fight


(If you are ranked amongst the top 10 on the iKyokushin rankings you will be

exempted from the qualifying rounds)

If you qualify to the semi-finals you will be able to compete at the main

ring. The world's top rankers, fighters from the Japanese national team and

Kancho Shokei Matsui is expected to compete.

The winner will win a folding bicycle and there will also be great prizes

for 2nd and 3rd place competitors.

We wait your challenge!

Message from the current GENKOTSU champion

You will get to challenge the current champion from the semi-finals.

The competition will be held on April 14, at the 2012 International Karate


Tips from the Champion 1: Use your thumb!

Tips from the Champion 2: Use the Special Items (The champ uses "+5 sec,

double your points, Destroy All、+1HP")

You can buy the Special Items at the GENKOTSU Store.

*You will have to bring your own iPhone, iPad with GENKOTSU downloaded to compete.

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