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2012 International Training Camp, Dan Test

80 members from all over the world participated in the International Training Camp, Dan Test

The 2012 International Training Camp' Dan Test was held on April 16th & 17th at Mt.Mitsumine in Saitama Pref. Japan. IKO President Kancho Shokei Matsui, Shihan Yuzo Goda and Shihan Katsuhito Gorai with 80 members from around the world participated. The members included 2012 women's world karate middle weight champion Anastasia Khripunova(Russia), heavy weight champion Agnieszka Sypien(Poland) and many who participated in the 2012 friendship tournament. The camp started with Sosai Oyama's 18th memorial service followed by training and Dan Test. The 2nd day started with early morning training and ended with the water fall training to finish the 2 day camp.

Training started with Kihon


Stick Jump


middle weight champion Anastasia Khripunova

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