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The 2nd Sao Paulo branch karate match in Brazil

P1140403.JPG The 2nd Sao Paulo state dojo team competition was held on Apr.15, 2012 at the Sao Paulo Japanese Cultural Society Gymnasium organized by Sensei Ryuji Isobe of the Liberdade Dojo. The purpose of this event was the interaction of members and Dojo's between the branches, to raise the skills of fighters and to promote Kyokushin Karate. 12 teams with 5 in each team particitated with the first fight being the KATA (No age, gender, belt restrictions), the second women Kumite (No restrictions), third Men Kumite light weight (-70kg), fourth Men Kumite middle weight (-80kg) and fifth Men Kumite heavy weight (+80kg). Shihan Seiji Isobe gave his overview after the event "the matches have KATA, women and men Kumite so you don't know who's going to win until the last fight. This year was no exception and a lot of the matches were decided in the last minutes which kept the crowd on there feet. This event is held every two years and the competition is so stiff the Braganca Paulista Dojo (Shihan Francisco Filho) won the last event but lost in the second round this year."

1st - Team Rio Grande do Sul (Henrique Martinicorena, invited guest team)
2nd - Liberdade Dojo (Ryuji Isobe)
3rd - Ribeiron-Piresu Dojo (Wendel Silva)
4th - Das, character Kuruzesu (Marcos Fulran)










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