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Russian Winter Camp

150 participants half black belts and instructors. 

Camp organizer, Shihan Ipatov next to Sensei Narushima and Senpai Akaishi.

The Russian Winter Camp was held from January 21 thru January 25 organized by Shihan Alexander Ipatov. Sensei Ryu Narushima and 10th WT semi-finalist Makoto Akaishi was invited from IKO Honbu. The camp had 2 training session per day and a grading test. 150 members participated and 50 took the grading test. After the camp on Jan 27th, Sensei
Narushima and instructor Akaishi visited Shihan Ipatov's dojo and conducted training.
Instructor Akaishi gave us his impressions of the camp "There was Tarial Nikoleishvili and many WT fighters, coaching staff from the Russian team so the quality of training was extremely high. I could sense the dedication and attitude, and the strong desire to learn from the participants. After going through training and
taking a close look at the members training with a focused mind and passion I was able to perceive the foundation of the strength of the Russian team"

Dan/ Kyu Examination

Walking with hand stand

Dan examination Kumite 

Honbu instructor Akaishi doing Kumite in Dan test 

10th WT Champion, Tariel Nikoleishvili

Training at Shihan Ipatov's Dojo

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