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2012 IKO Honbu Winter Camp Report

The winter camp started with all participants worshipping Sosai's monument

Direct instructions from Kancho Matsui at Kancho Training

101 members participated in this years winter camp

The annual winter camp of IKO Honbu was held from Jan.4th thru 6th at the Mt. Mitsumine Shrine in Japan. 101 local and oversees members including Kancho Shokei Matsui, Shihan Yuzo Goda, the 10th WT fighters Tanaka, Akaishi, Sawamura, Matsumura, and Women's WT fighters Ota, Shimada, and Tanaka participated. Participants trained in freezing temperature and made a fresh start to the New Year. The camp started with all participants worshipping Sosai's monument followed by "Kancho Training" conducted by Kancho Matsui. Kancho started the training by saying "The training maybe the same every year but the understanding and outcome will be different depending on your attitude. First set your goal for the year then I would like you to enter the winter camp keeping in mind that this will be the first step towards that goal." and the training lasted for 2 hours. Kancho's lecture was held that night and he spoke about last years World Tournament, this years activities and the attitude toward training. The second day started with morning training at the shrine covered with snow in temperatures 6℃ below freezing point with loud KIAI. The 22km marathon in the afternoon was followed by skits at night where participants deepened their friendship. The third day also started with morning training in severe weather and after training the participants left the Mitsumine shrine for the final event of the winter camp the "Water Fall" training. BC's, men and women braced themselves up getting hit by the water fall in freezing temperature and kick started the New Year.
Detailed reports of the winter camp will be on the March issue of World Karate.

Morning training started at 6:30am at the shrine

Refreshing the mind and body with the Shinto Prayer

22 km marathon in the afternoon - day 2

Final event of the camp "The Water Fall"

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