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The 2012 Kagami-Biraki (Traditional New Year's Training)

Kancho Matsui, BC's and participants at the 2012 Kagami-Biraki (traditional new year's training)

The 2012 Kagami-Biraki (traditional new year's training) was held at the Metropolitan Hotel in Ikebukuro, Tokyo on January 11th.The Kagami-Biraki started from 6:30am and 150 members including, Kancho Shokei Matsui, Shihan Goda, Yamada, Take, Kawabata and BC's, dojo operators, instructors and members participated. Participants took part in the traditional New Year's training and made a fresh start to the New Year. Kihon (basic) and strengthening training lasted for an hour. The first training of the year was the opportunity to remind everyone the importance of Kihon (basics) and physical strength. A party followed after the training where the "2012 New Years GENKOTSU competition" was held with the Kyokushin game application GENKOTSU. Kancho Shokei Matsui, BC's, members and staff participated and was a great success.

Kancho Shokei Matsui giving the counts on stage at basic training

150 members participated in this years Kagami-Biraki (traditional new year's training)

Strengthning after basic training

Kancho joins the GENKOTSU(Kyokushin game App) competition after the party

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