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Kancho's overall view of the 10th WT available at iKyokushin Portal


Kancho Matsui's overall view of the 10th WT held in November will be uploaded on "iKyokushin Portal" the official application of the International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan in Japanese, English and Russian.
The english and russian version will also be uploaded on this official website in 2weeks.


Application Name:iKyokushin Portal


Download from App Store

<System requirements>
iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPod Touch 4th generation with iOS 4.1 or higher
* iPad and iPad2 in same size or double size mode.


iKyokushin is an official iPhone application of "International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan," which is the biggest Karate organization in the world with more than 12 million members. The app provides various services ranging from content distribution (news, videos, and electronic books) to social networking service. You will be able to enjoy the world of Kyokushin, so called "the strongest Karate on the earth!"

Through a variety of contents, the app will present the spirit and activities of Kyokushin that were passed from the founder of the organization, President Masutatsu Oyama. We hope that karate practitioners and fans all over the world will learn about Kyokushin and fully enjoy the app.


1. Social networking
- You can post and view a message with a picture in your timeline.

- You can make a comment to your friends' posts and pictures.

- You can leave "OSU!" sign to your/friends' post, video, picture etc.

- You can share your post on Facebook and/or Twitter.

- You can invite your Facebook/Twitter friends to iKyokushin Portal.

- You can sign up iKyokushin using your Facebook/Twitter account.

- You can add a hyperlink to your post.

- You can find the users who have more mutual friends and who are already connected with you by Facebook/Twitter in the upper part of the user list.

- You can get a pop up message when you receive a direct message or comment from your friend (new feature).

- You can exchange a private message with one or more users (new feature).

- You can read a post or comment of foreign users translated into your own language (new feature).

- If you are a Kyokushin member, you can get your information (Dan/Kyu, branch, etc) from the Kyokushin server to show in profile page (new feature).

2. Photo album 

- You can upload your favorite pictures and share them with your friends.
- You can upload your favorite videos to YouTube and share them in your album of iKyokushin Portal.

3. Content distribution

- News

On a real-time basis, we publish a lot of news such as event/competition announcements and messages from President Matsui.

- Videos

The videos will include, but not limited to each master's instruction (including that of President Matsui), training at "Dojo," comments from practitioners, and technique instruction. You can even have a look at the selected scenes from the Kyokushin history of over 50 years. These videos are only available in iKyokushin.

- Electronic books

We distribute books and magazines related to Kyokushin including the major Karate magazine, "World Karate."

4. Multi-language

- This app is now supporting Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

5. Game Rankings

- Karate-themed game app "GENKOTSU" can compete with friends to rank scores.

<System requirements>
iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPod Touch 4th generation with iOS 4.1 or higher
* iPad and iPad2 in same size or double size mode.

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