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Update - European Junior Championship in Warsaw, Poland

European Junior Championship in Warsaw, Poland

 17 December, 2011

Place: Ochota Department Sports Hall,  Nowowiejska 37 B Street

Official hotel: 
Best Western Hotel Felix, Omulewska 24 Street, 04-128 Warsaw Poland

VISA request- Contact:  Sensei Rafał Tomala +48602675693,

Schedule of the event: See details sent by e-mail to European BC/DOP. If not received, 


Hotel Accommodation, Sayonara, Lunch: Use designated application Form e-mailed to BC/DOP only. 

IKO membership ID card or Black belt card is required for check in/ weight-in.  Waiver Form must be signed.

Kumite Rules & Protective Gear Requirement: 

Kumite Rules and Protective Gear requirement.pdf



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