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Honbu Summer Camp&WT Japanese Team Special Training

130 members from all belt ranks and ages including the WT Japanese team participated in Honbu Summer Camp

The 2011 Honbu Summer Camp was held from 7/22 - 24 in lake Yamanaka of the Yamanashi prefecture.This year the 10th WT Japanese Team Special Training was held toghther with the Summer Camp and 130 members from all ranks and ages gathered at lake Yamanaka.The camp was a great success which included Kancho training were everyone participated and learnt the mentality and the method of training through basic and Ido training from Kancho himself and for non fighters, training in groups, 10km marathon, tug a war and relay race.The WT Japanese team fighters under head coach Hitoshi Kiyama and assistant coach Ryu Narushima trained for 4.5hrs inside the gymunasium in the first day.The 2nd day they started early morining with pyshical training outside then went inside and trained mainly kumite and trained ouside again in the afternoon - a total of 4 training sessions. The training menu for this special camp was focusing mainly on Kumite and stamina. When questioned about the camp head coach Kiyama said "The object of this camp was to train the fighter as hard as possible and take them to the limit, but as the training went on the fighters voice got louder and the intensity got higher. It was the first time all the team got toghter and by training and spending a few days toghter it boosted the spirit and toghetherness of the team" with hopes of regaining the world champion.
Detailed reports of this summer camp will be published on the November issue of World Karate which will be on the stands on September 9.

Getting instructions from Kancho in "Kancho Training" 201103.JPG
10km Marathon 201104.JPG
Tug a War
Japanese WT fighters 201106.JPG
Basic Training in the sun201100.JPG
Mitt Training
"Hara Fumi (stompping the abdominal)" with coach Kiyama and assistant Narushima

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