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Shihan Seiji Isobe visit Miyagi


85 members from Sendai Dojo and the Miyagi branch participated in Shihan Seiji Isobe's special seminar. On June 25 & 26 Shihan Seiji Isobe and Shihan Isamu Fukuda visited the Miyagi pref. - the disaster struck area of the Great East Japan Earthquake. A meeting was held on the 25th with the Branch Chief of Sendai, Sensei Satoshi Kuroda. On the 26th was Shihan Isobe's Seminar at the Oogawara Town Gymnasium to support for those 85 members from Sendai Dojo and the Miyagi Branch. "The Brazilian style" hard training started with Shihan Isobe's shout "Keep your heads up TOHOKU" and lasted 2 and a half hours without rest. After training there were an autograph and photo session deepening friendship. Branch Chief Kuroda spoke out his thoughts after the seminar "in the participants there were people who lost their families and relatives, got there houses swept, and some still live in shelters, but I feel Shihan Isobe's enthusiastic and passionate training encouraged and inspired us all. I myself feel that I got a big push in the back from Shihan Isobe. After all the encouragement and support I would like to raise Kyokushin activities in the Tohoku area."After the seminar Both Shihan visited Branch Chief, Sensei Shigeyuki Murakami of the Miyagi Branch whose activity base is in heavily damaged Natori city. Both gave there words of appreciation to the activities they had done in the damaged areas and a donation collected from many branches and members of Kyokushinkaikan was handed by Shihan Isobe.

Sensei Satoshi Kuroda 

Shihan Seiji Isobe 

Shihan Isobe explains the basics in a full house gymnasium

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