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Kancho Matsui and All Japan team visit Iwate on May 7~8

Commemorative photo with members of the Iwate Dojo

On May 7 & 8, IKO President Kancho Shokei Matsui and members of the 10th World All Japan team visited the city of Morioka and town of Yamada and Miyako in Miyagi pref. as part of supporting the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake. 62 local members trained together for 3 hours 
with all Japan team members; Kentaro Tanaka, Makoto Akaishi, Tatsuya Murata, Zenjyuro Mori, Syouhei Kamata and Shouki Arata at the Prefectural gym on May 7 followed by autograph and photo sessions deepening friendship.  On May 8, they visited heavily damaged Yamada town where Kancho Matusi met with mayor to make a donation from IKO Kyokushinkaikan and expressed sympathy and encouragement. The team then visited Miyako Dojo where the restoration work is in progress. IKO Kyokushinkaikan plans to continue supporting the reconstruction effort in the future.

Kumite with local Junior

Autograph sessions with Kancho Matsui and All Japan fighters were held after training

Donation from Kancho Matsui to the mayor of Yamada

No words to describe seeing completely vanished residential area

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