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Photos : South Pacific Selection Tournament in Australia, April 3

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<Official Results> 
South Pacific Selection Tournament for the 10th World Open
1st       Steven Cujic   (Australia, Nik Cujic Branch)
2nd      James Eades  (New Zealand, Stephen Takiwa Branch)
3rd       Carlos Castro  (Australia, Dominic Hopkins Branch)
4th       Shaune O'Farrell (Australia, Dominic Hopkins Branch)
5~8th   Simon Kennedy  (Australia, Nik Cujic Branch)
5~8th   Hyota Sugihara (Australia, Con Kakatsos Branch)
5~8th   Anthony Tockar (Australia, Trevor Tockar Branch)
5~8th   Nathan Goodin  (Australia, Dominic Hopkins Branch)

Date: April 3rd, 2011
Place: Gymea Tarde Union Club in  Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Organizer: IKO Branc Chief,  Shihan Nick Cujic
Countries/area ; Australia, New Zealand, Guam (USA)  
*10th WT qualified fighters' update:

01 Fighters.jpg

06 Steven Cujic2.JPG
Steven Cujic

04 Simon Kennedy.jpg
Simon Kennedy

03 James Eades.JPG
James Eades

09 Carlos Castro.JPG
Carlos Castro

08 Anthony Tockar.JPG
Anthony Tockar

12 Top 4 and South Pacific Branch Chiefs.JPG
South Pacific IKO BC; Hopkins (Australia), Takiwa (New Zealand), Cujic (Australia), Kakatsos(Australia), O'Leary (New Zealand), Tockar (Australia) and Top four fighters; Cujic, Eades, Castro and O'Farrell

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