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Technical Seminar by Shihan Hitoshi Kiyama in Paris

8th Open World champion Shihan Hitoshi Kiyama conducted a technical seminar on March 27 in Paris. Over 100 students with all ranks including many instructors took advantage of this rare opportunity taught directly by renowned world champion. "My focus when teaching is to use the simplest explanation possible" Shihan Kiyama said. Well constructed training menus with clear explanation were beneficial for participants. 

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Zenkutsu-dachi Ido-geiko 

9DSC_0569 [1600x1200].JPG
Kibadachi Ido-geiko 

8DSC_0565 [1600x1200].JPG
kokutusdachi Ido-geiko

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11 DSC_0590 [1600x1200].JPG
Shihan Gorai, Shihan Legree, Kancho Matsui, Shihan Isobe, Shihan Kiyama   

12 DSC_0591 [1600x1200].JPG
After seminar

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