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Message from I.C Member Shihan Peter Chong

Following message from Shihan Peter Chong to all members of IKO on Feb 13, 2011. 

 I have viewed and heard on Live via USTREAM our Kancho Shokie Matsui's New Year Message 'Meichi Gannen'  MEANING (New Year For Enlightenment).  And  have just read with great interest through the World Karate Magazine  March 2011 issue.

I must say that our IKO President Kancho Matsui's 2011 New Year Opening Message to all our World Wide Members during the "Kagami-Biraki", the first official training in the year at Hotel Metropolitan Ikebukuro,Tokyo-Japan was indeed a great one.

  On behalf of our Middle East and Asia Branch-Chiefs and members,  We wish KanchoShokie Matsui a great success and We pledge to work with Kancho all the way through our karate trainings.  We are pride to be IKO KyokushihkaiKan members under his leadership and take great pride to offering our best service and hard works along side with him to achieve his goal (Mas. Oyama Sosai) with his great desire and serious leadership.  I am very sure that this year 10th  World Open Karate Tournament  would be a great successful Event of the Years.

 Osu,,,,,,,,,!   Thank You for all the Good Years We have with Kancho Matsui.

 Peter Chong
Middle East & Asia 
IKO Kyokushinkaikan

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