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The 42nd All Japan Open Tournament Official Result


42nd All Japan tournament was held on November 20~21, 2010 in Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. 112 top Japanese fighters and 16 selected foreign contenders gathered from Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Australia, Iran, Ireland and USA displayed a series of exciting battles in front of 10,000 spectators (in two days total) witnessed the rise of a new champion. Tariel Nikoleishvili from Russia became the first foreign and the youngest to win All Japan at age 19. Many Karate fans across the World followed with Twitter. Top 8 winners qualified for the10th World Open Tournament Tokyo in November, 2011.

<Official Result>
1st - Tariel Nikoleishvili (Russia)
2nd - Zenjuro Mori (Japan)
3rd - Kentaro Tanaka (Japan)
4th - Hideo Sawada (Japan)
5th - Shoki Arata (Japan)
6th - Daiki Kobayashi (Japan)
7th - Lechi Krubanov (Russia)
8th - Shohei Kamada (Japan)

Best spirit - Masanaga Nakamura (Japan)
Best technique - Zenjuro Mori (Japan)
Best rookie - Yuta Takahashi (Japan)
Best tameshiwari - Satoshi Araki (Japan)

42nd All Japan winning draw


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