News Release

All South American Seletion Tournamnet held in Mendoza, Argentine

IKO South America successfully organized the 8th All South American selection for the upcoming 10th World Open Tournament in Tokyo on November, 2010. A record number fighters and spectators attended Mendoza City Gimnasium in Argentine, making it the largest selection tournamnet in history. Special thanks to IKO Branch Chief Sensei, Claudio Tapia and his supporting staffs.

<Official Results>
1st  Daniel Pereira (Brazil)
2nd Ricard Nunes (Brazil)
3rd  Eder Gama (Brazil)
4th  Eivind Beltran (Bolivia)
5th  Paulo Zuleta (Argentine)
6th  Emmanuel Ruarte (Argentine)
7th  Renato Herrda (Chile)
8th  Airton Martinicorena (Brazil)  


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