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7th North American & Int'l Black Belt Conference in Banff, Canada

On October 8, 9 & 10, 2010, black belts from across the globe gathered for the 7th North American and International Brown and Black Belt Conference, hosted by Branch Chief Shihan Stuart Corrigal and active instructors in Western Canada. In attendance were 110 from Canada, Japan, USA, Singapore, England and Scotland. Energy and inspiration infused the group as Kancho Matsui, along with Shihans Corrigal(s), Gorai, and Gilbert led students on a three-day exploration of the complexities of kihon, kata, goshin jitsu, and kumite. The principle that even the most basic movements must be deconstructed and examined regularly in order to preserve the true essence of Kyokushin technique was a common thread through all the teachings of the weekend. Training sessions were punctuated with lively meals, group discussions, social gatherings, and a refreshing hike up to the top of Tunnel Mountain where the group trained loud and strong under the Alberta "Big Sky", overlooking the spectacular Bow River valley.


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