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The 42nd All Japan Open Karate Tournamnet Official Draws

IKO Honbu is pleased announce the 42nd All Japan Open official Tournament draws. 128 selected competitors from Japan and overseas will fight for the championship title in highly anticipated tournament. The top-eight winners will be invited to The 10th World Open Tournament in 2011 November, Tokyo. Darmen Sadovokasov, Lech Krubanov, Tariel Nikoleishvili (Russia) and Zahari Damynov (Bulgaria) will match up against the Japanese aces namely, Kentaro Tanaka, Makoto Akaishi, Zenjyuro Mori, Shouki Arata and Tatusya Murata.   

The 42 All Japan Open Tournament draw (pdf)

Date:  November 20~21, 2010
Place: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium  
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