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The 10th European Open Championships in Belgrade, Serbia

2010 European Belgrade.jpgIKO Kyokushinkaikan and IKO Europe will proudly present the 10th European Open Championships in Serbia on Sunday, November 7th, 2010. The top four winners in the Men's Open Division will automatically be invited to the 10th Open World Tournament in November 2011 in Tokyo. 

IKO Branch Chief, Sensei Zarko Petkovic will organize the event coincided with the Juniors, Senior and Women's Kata and Kumite in 12 different weight and age categories.  

                    Event Schedules
*06.11 18:00~19:30   IKO Officiating Seminar
           20:00~21:30  IKO Europe General Meeting
*07.11  10:00 ~         Championship Day
*08.11  9:00~10:30   Training Seminar by Kancho Matsui
           10:30~12:00   Dan Promotion Test  

Place: "Pionir" sport Hall 
Official Hotel: "Slavia" Belgrade Svetog Save 1-9 

For more infomration, contact Sensei Zarko Petkovic, e-mail:

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