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The 4th World Weight Category Championships Results


IKO Kyokushinkaikan held The 4th World Weight Category Championships at Mekuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan on August 23rd. 5.000 spectators and hundreds of thousand or more people watched this prestigious Kyokushin World Tournamnet on-live with internet Ustream-tv.


Four Weight Category World Champions: Kentaro Tanaka (-90kg), Zenjyuro Mori (-80kg), Yuzo Suzuki (-70kg) of Japan and Mikhail Kozlov (+90kg) of Russia. 

Light Weight(-70kg)

Light Weight Final
○Yuzo Suzuki  (Japan,168cm, 69kg)
    Decision 1-0, 3-0
×Tomohiko Matsuoka  (Japan, 171cm, 67kg)

Suzuki won Light weight final agaist Matsuoka in first extension round 

Result---Light [-70kg]
1st  Yuzo Suzuki               (Japan)
2nd  Tomohiko Matsuoka      (Japan)
3rd   Piotr Moczydlowski       (Poland)
4th   Ryuji Isobe                (Brazil)

2nd Matsuoka, 1st Suzuki,  3rd Moczydlowski,  4th Isobe

Middle Weight(-80kg)

Middle Weight Final
○Zenjyuro Mori  (Japan,174cm, 75kg)
    Decision 0-2, 5-0
×Hiroyuki Kidachi  (Japan, 169cm, 77kg)

25-yr-old Mori defeted a veteran fighter Kidachi in Middle weight final 

Result---Middle [-80kg]
1st   Zenjyuro Mori            (Japan)
2nd  Hiroyuki Kidachi         (Japan)
3rd   Shohei Yamamoto       (USA)
4th   Andrews Nakahara       (Brazil)

2nd Kidachi, 1st Mori,  3rd Yamamoto,  4th Nakahara (replaced by G. Silva due to the injury)

Heavy Weight(-90kg)

Heavy Weight Final
○Kentaro Tanaka  (Japan,180cm, 85kg)
    Won by Tameshiwari 18 (boards) - 17 (boards)
×Alejandro Navarro  (Spain, 180cm, 88kg)

Kentaro Tanaka won a rematch from the 9th World Open in 2007 against Navarro in Heavy weight final

Result---Heavy [-90kg]
1st   Kentaro Tanaka         (Japan)
2nd  Alejandro Navarro        (Spain)
3rd   Eduardo Tanaka        (Brazil)
4th   Goderzi Kapanadze      (Russia )

2nd K. Tanaka, 1st Navarro,  3rd E. Tanaka,  4th Kapanadze

Super Heavy Weight(+90kg)

Super Heavy Weight Final
○Mikhail Kozlov  (Russia,188cm, 97kg)
    Decision 4-0
×Zahari Damyanov   (Bulgaria,182cm, 102kg)

Kozlov became the first Russian Champion winning against Damyanov in Super Heavy weight final

Result---Super Heavy [+90kg]
1st   Mikhail Kozlov           (Russia)
2nd  Zahari Damyanov          (Bulgaria)
3rd   Makoto Akaishi          (Japan)
4th   Krzysztof Habraszka     (Poland)

2nd Damyanov, 1st Kozlov,  3rd Akaishi,  4th Habraszka 

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