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IKO HONBU 2009 Summer Camp Report

July 24th ~26th

IKO HONBU finished its three day Annual Summer Camp at Shirako Beach in Chiba prefecture. The Japan National Team headed by World Champion Shihan Hitoshi Kiyama and supported by Sensei Ryu Narushima joined the camp along with other general students. The total number of participants was 128 including 22 children. While the selected National Team members spent most of their time in the gym doing hard sparring and physical training under the manifesto of gaining all four championship titles from The 4trh World Weight Category Championships which will be held on August 23rd; the group of the general students trained with HONBU's traditional summer training menues such as 12km road marathon, Sumo fights and 'Kibsen' or human cavalry battles and relay competitions on the beach on top of the 'Kancho-geiko' or training by Kancho (led by Shihan Gun Irisawa this year).     


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