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The 26th All Japan Weight Category Tournament


The 26th All Japan Weight Category tournament was held in Osaka on June 6th~7th. 219 competitors gathered from all over Japan. Two Light Weight finalists were selected for the Japanese National Team competing in the 4th World Weight Category Championship in August 23rd 2009. 

▼Light Weight Final

Yuzo Suzuki (168cm/69kg)
  Won by decision 4-0

Tomohiko Matsuoka (171cm/70kg)


Suzuki beat Matsuoka in the light weight final winning his fourth all Japan title.


Result -- Light Weight (-70kg)

1st  Yuzo Suzuk i
2nd  Tomohiko Matsuoka
3rd  Takaichi Onuma
4Th Yuya Fujita


▼Middle Weight Final

Yuta Mita (173cm/78kg)
  Won by decision 5-0
Yusuke Sugimura (172cm/76kg)


19 yrs, Mita dominated the entire middle weight tournament with his powerful techniques.


Result -- Middle Weight (-80Kg)

1st Yuta Mita
2nd Yusuke Sugimura
3rd Shou Shitanda
4th Masaki Yamamoto

▼Heavy Weight Final

Yoshitatsu Beppu (174cm/89kg)
  Won by decision 5-0
Osamu Sumitani (175cm/85kg)


Beppu beat Sumitani with solid ciombuination taking this title for two consecutive years.


Result -- Heavy Weight (-90Kg)

1st Yoshitatsu Beppu
2nd Osamu Sumitani
3rd Kyohei Ajima
4th  Yoshikazu Muraoka

▼Super Heavy Weight Final

Tadakuni Tokuda (180cm/102kg)
  Won by decision 4-0
Hideo Sawada (180cm/93kg)


Tokuda overpowered Sawada of Seidokaikan in super heavy weight final.



Result -- Super Heavy weight (+90Kg)

1st Tadakuni Tokuda
2nd Hideo Sawada
3rd Tadaaki Sano
4th Shohei Kamada


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